Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Last Day of School

I like to do something a little special for the last day of school, so this year I decided to make donuts.  

Now before you start thinking that making donuts is the hardest and fanciest thing ever, let me assure you, it is not.  You're basically making muffin batter but baking it in a donut pan (I got one as a gift a few years ago) instead of a muffin tin.  I made these donuts.  

We even ate breakfast outside which got the day off to a super fun start!

Leah had an awesome year!

She really liked her teacher and her class.  Her teacher was really intentional about building community among the students, and it was obvious that her efforts paid off.

She nudged Leah a lot in growing in independence and cultivated her love for reading.  The 3rd graders finished the year with a big Charlotte's Web unit, and Leah loved every bit of that!  She was also really supportive and encouraging as we have been helping Leah overcome her fear of dogs...such a gift!  I also appreciated that she didn't give a ton of homework which gave Leah a lot of opportunity to read and just be a kid at home.  We are really thankful for her!

Maggie had an amazing year, too!

We, ah, had a hard time getting a natural smile for the last day of school picture :)

Kindergarten is pretty much the most fun thing ever!  Maggie loved going to school every day and was excited to learn and learn and learn.

Maggie's teacher was my friend before she had Maggie in her class, so that was extra fun!  I think it must be the most rewarding thing ever to be a Kindergarten teacher on the last day of school and look over the classroom of little kids and know that you taught them all how to read!  How awesome to know that you've opened up an incredible world to them.  

Karina made learning so fun and exciting, and she created an environment that made Maggie feel safe and cared for.  She also has been super instrumental in helping Maggie move towards overcoming her fear of dogs.  They've had a couple of dog visitors, which, largely due to Karina's help, Maggie handled really well.  Karina has believed in Maggie, delighted in Maggie, and given her tremendous amounts of courage.  I'm so, so grateful!

This lady and I had a fun last day together, too!

We got the ice and water dispenser in our fridge fixed* for literally the first time in Maggie's life.  Gracie's water consumption has probably quadrupled!  It's kind of hazardous getting ice when the dispenser is at eye level, because sometimes the ice jumps out of the cup and into your face!  We worked on how to hold the cup to prevent ice inflicted injury, so things are smooth sailing (or smooth drinking/chewing ice) from here on out!

* And by "fixed," I mean that I apparently put the filter on wrong so it didn't work.  The appliance repair guy just put the filter on and everything was fine.  Oops :)

I'm thankful for such a great school year with these 3 and am hopeful for an equally awesome summer!