Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2-8 Menu

Leah's friend birthday party last night was a hit!  There may have been popcorn on every square inch (not quite as bad as this book, which I adore), but it wasn't anything a broom and vacuum couldn't take care of...says the lady who didn't do the clean up!

Monday, March 2  Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos (we are having these again, because Aldi had thighs on special AND salsa verde, plus the leftovers freeze well)
Tuesday, March 3  I'm gone, so Aaron and the girls will have something from the freezer
Wednesday, March 4  Chili (from the recipe box...I know!)
Thursday, March 5  Popcorn Chicken (I think I'll try baking it.  Also, Aldi has chicken breasts for $1.79 a pound right now!)
Friday, March 6  Pizza (I'm making this for part of the pizza, because I want to try it!)
Saturday, March 7  Kalua Pork (Aldi has pork shoulders this week AND my parents brought me some Smoke Hawaiian Sea Salt back from Hawaii!  I've made this a lot, though, with just salt and liquid smoke)
Sunday, March 8  Leftovers  Silly Cereal Supper

I'm making muffins from a cookbook for Muffin Monday and I'm going to make this Razzy Navel Smoothie for Thirsty Thursday!

What are you cooking up this week?

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