Friday, December 19, 2014

Project 365: #49 and #50

It's been an awesome couple of weeks around here and we are gearing up for Christmas!

Day 339

Leah vacuumed the living room and then wanted to vacuum out inside the couch.  Who am I to say no to that?  Then, she kept sticking her fingers into the attachment which made it make funny sounds.  Gracie is laughing and laughing and saying, "The vacuum is tooting!  The vacuum is tooting!" with great little girl glee :)

Day 340

Reading with Grandma Linda before bed on Maggie's grandparent birthday party day.  

Day 341

Maggie with one of her sweet friends at her friend birthday party.  My number one birthday party tip?  Have a friend come to help!  It made everything SO much easier!  Thanks, Becca!

Day 342

Let's discuss why I take daily pictures.  #1 I want to remember what every day life is like when the girls are little.  #2 Sometimes the pictures I take are take represent the little bit of good in an otherwise difficult day.  Yes, this picture falls in the number 2 category.  I think this moment was the only time they weren't fighting.  Sigh.

Day 343

Being silly in their Christmas dresses after decorating the tree!

Day 344


Day 345

Carb-tastic goodness! recipe here

Day 346

I got to be the Mystery Reader in Maggie's class.  So fun having my inner forensics nerd come out!

Day 347

The girls found some time to craft while we celebrated Thanksmas!

Day 348

Maggie taking down our Advent card for the day.

Day 349

I love this sweet picture of Gracie!  She loves drawing on the condensation on the door.

Day 350

We ate dinner by candlelight the other night.  It was fun even though Gracie spilled her milk into the tea lights.  

Day 351

The girls got to decorate Christmas cookies with royal icing.  The did an awesome job!  Royal icing is kind of a pain to make, but I think it's actually easier for them to use icing in a squeeze bottle than using a butter knife to spread butter cream frosting.

Day 352

Random Christmas tradition: driving around looking at lights, but eating supper at Taco John's first :)  

I hope your last weekend before Christmas goes great!  We actually have a wedding on Saturday.  Should be fun!

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