Friday, December 5, 2014

Project 365: #47 and #48

It's been a whirlwind around here with Thanksgiving and Maggie's birthday!

Day 325:

Mags is cooking up a storm!

Day 326:

Just getting ready for bed...

Day 327:

Aaron getting his baptizing on...

Day 328:

Singing, dancing, playing <3

Day 329:

When your mommy writes a food blog, you get to take pictures with some pretty random stuff :)

Day 330:

Contrary to Gracie's silly face, we had lots of fun making turkeys with candy corn, oreos, mini peanut butter cups 

Day 331:

Enjoying what I call a "nibble platter" of leftovers from Thanksgiving lunch for dinner!  Notice anything different about Gracie's hair?

Day 332:

Fun times at our annual weekend after Thanksgiving get away with my side of the family!

Day 333:

Fun time out for pizza with the whole bunch of us!  

Day 334:

Ah, the best part of just about any day <3

Day 335:

Gracie kept busy making crosses by putting painters tape on paper and then cutting them out, because "everyone should know that Jesus died on the cross!"  <3

Day 336:

Happy Birthday to sweet Maggie!!!

Day 337:

Maggie and I conquered the Puzzle Challenge!  We combined 2 24 piece puzzles and put them together without looking at the pictures :)

Day 338:

This is not a comment on this production of Peter Pan, but, um, that's a really weird story.  My favorite part was probably the Walmart commercials with Melissa Joan Heart and her husband and kids :)

Do you have anything going on this weekend?  We are having Maggie's birthday party with grandparents on Saturday and then a Minnie Mouse birthday party with friends on Sunday!  Whew!  A fun and full weekend around here :)

If you have some Christmas shopping planned for this weekend, here are some gift guides: for girls, for boys, and books (partnered with a game or stuffed animal)!

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