Friday, January 8, 2016

Everyday Happy: January 1-7, 2016

I'm jumping back into taking a picture every day!  I decided to call it Everyday Happy, purposely using "everyday" as one word.  Everyday basically means regular.  And, while I certainly don't think that everything in life makes us happy all the time, I do think that the happy little bits of the everyday in our every day are worth noticing!

January 1

We celebrated New Year's Eve the afternoon of New Year's Day.  Gracie was really feeling the party :)

January 2

Gracie loves grapefruit without sugar sprinkled on top.  Pretty impressive for a 5 year old in my book!

January 3

Singing songs for Sunday School (say that 5 times fast :))

January 4

Such a sunshiney day definitely called for some matching shades :)

January 5

I started going through Maggie and Gracie's room...some pre-packing organization, if you will :)  It always looks worse before it looks better!

January 6

Gracie and Emma hanging out in a box, like friends do.

January 7

Some fun imaginative play on a Thursday night!

Have a great weekend!

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