Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fuzzy Navel Mocktail

I actually made up a recipe.

I's really shocking, seeing as I rarely, rarely have any original ideas.

Anyway, I've tried fuzzy navels (the drink) before and really like them.  I wanted to find a nonalcoholic or mocktail version.  

Isn't "mocktail" a fun word?  I like it.

The recipes I found called for things like peach nectar.

Seeing as I'm not a bee, I don't really do nectar.

And then I thought of Walmart Fizzy Water.

Specifically the Golden Peach variety.


Awesome, easy, fun, tasty, even fancy drink.  Perfect for a casual get together, baby/bridal shower, cook outs, or holidays.

Or even just for supper some night because you want to mix things up.

You name it, and I can guarantee that the Fuzzy Navel Mocktail will be a hit!

All you need:

Orange Juice
Golden Peach Clear American (or other peach flavored fizzy water)
Lime (optional)
Peachie-os for an optional garnish

Are you ready for the reeeeeeeeally complicated directions?

Grab a pen or something so you can write this down.

Get a pitcher.  

Fill it half way with orange juice.  

Fill the rest of the way with peach fizzy water.


You can add the juice of half of a lime or so for a little extra tang.

Pour it into a champagne flute if you want it to be classy!

Pour it into a cup (I prefer the kind in the photo below) with a little peachie-o cut and popped onto the side for a super cute garnish.  

Now your Fuzzy Navel is FUN!

People will be blown away by the deliciousness of this!

And I won't tell them how easy it is if you won't ;)


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