Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gift Guide for Little Guys!

Yesterday I told you all about gifts for the little ladies!  But, I don't know a THING about little boys!  So, I'm super excited to introduce you to Amanda from Queen of the Land of Twigs 'n' Berries, because, as a mommy of 2 little guys, she's the expert!  She's a fellow lover of Melissa and Doug, too :)

Take it away, Amanda!

As a mom of two little boys, many people approach me asking what they should get the special little boy in their lives as a gift, especially with the holidays approaching.  And as a mom who despises clutter, I am VERY particular about what I purchase or encourage my family to purchase (even though most don’t listen) for my little guys.
So without any further ado, here is my list of 10 AMAZING toy-based gift ideas for boys aged 1-4.
10.  Melissa & Doug Vehicles

It doesn’t matter if they are trucks or cars, my boys LOVE any and all Melissa and Doug vehicles.  They are mostly wooden so they can take a beating when they crash into walls over and over, and I love getting them on sale at places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s.  My three year old also really enjoys taking apart and putting together the more sophisticated vehicles that are almost puzzles themselves!
9.  Playdough

One of our favorite ways to spend a rainy morning is to bust out the play dough.  It is great for building so many small motor skills and provides a great outlet for creativity.  Just make sure that you avoid all carpeted rooms since it is pretty tricky getting playdough out of fabric.  This holiday my boys will be getting their first “play dough” set so I am so excited to see how they use the tools, like this pizza set, to make their creations.
To see the rest of Amanda's list, click here!  And, spoiler alert, I totally want to get the last item on her list for my girls.  So much fun!
And don't forget to stop by on Monday to see my BOOK gift recommendations!
Have a Thanksgiving and an awesome holiday weekend!

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