Monday, January 19, 2015

Project 365: #51

Well, it's been awhile since I not only blogged, but blogged our picture a day!  I didn't forget, though!  I love looking back at these pictures and seeing how much the girls have grown and how are days have gone...

Day 353:

Playing a roll-the-dice Christmas tree game!

Day 354:

We went to a beautiful wedding for a former student.  The girls hung in there well, throwing back some kiddie cocktails, between the ceremony and the reception!  They were all getting "car sick" on the way there (it was kind of a bumpy ride), so we stopped at Walgreens for some Dramamine for the ride home.  I was passing those puppies out like they were candy on the way home.  I don't know if they helped, but there was less drama and more sleeping, so I'l'l count that as a win.  Thankfully, the girls forgot about it and haven't "needed" any on our other long drives!

Day 355:

Sweethearts <3

Day 356:

Gettin' my toenails painted.  The girls did a great job!

Day 357:

The girls got to sleep in the living room by the lit Christmas tree...a tradition they love!

Day 358:

Happy Christmas Girls wearing their Christmas present outfits!  They opened their gifts on Christmas Eve morning before heading to my parents' house after lunch.

Day 359:

All ready to open presents!

And here are some bonus family pictures from my parents' house!

Our little family!

The whole big family!

All the cousins!

Maggie and Maggie <3

My grandma's name is Margaret, but most people call her Margie.  Her sister and some friends when she was younger called her Maggie, though.  I remember my great aunt Mary Lou (who was seriously hilarious) talking and laughing with my grandma.  When my grandma would say something funny, Mary Lou would slap the table top and laugh, "Maggie!" at whatever hilarious (likely self-deprecating thing) thing my grandma said.  Needless to say, I love both of the charming and witty Maggies <3

I hope your week gets off to an awesome start!

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