Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Daily File: #2

This week started out with the second of 2 cold days off school.  Thankfully, the second day went much better than the first!

Day 8:

We've been playing lots of Uno around here!

Day 9:

See what I mean?

Day 10:

be still my heart.

Day 11:

Again with the Uno :)

Day 12:

I love ending (and starting and spending) my days with this guy...

Day 13:

I have a lovely new routine.  While Gracie is having quiet rest, I read my Bible with my new devotional book and then enjoy a cup of coffee while watching an episode of Gilmore Girls.  For the record, I'm still in season 1, and I'm irrevocably on Team Luke for Lorelai.  Also, if Stars Hallow was a real place, I'd totally want to live there!

Day 14:

I love Christmas clearance!

Look!  I'm all caught up now!  Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

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