Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project 365: #52

Week 52!  I can't believe I stuck with it, although this post is super late!  Better late than never, though, right :)

Day 360:

Cuddling with Daddy at Grandma Linda's and Grandpa Chuck's house!  We went to Aaron's parents' house from my parents' house.  The girls did awesome with all of the transitions!

Day 361:

Excited to be opening gifts!

Plus, this super cute picture of Maggie in the bottom bunk :)

Day 362:

It snowed!  Yay for a white Christmas celebration day :)

And, some silly cousins!

Day 363:

This is my view on the way home from Aaron's parents' house and yes, I'm drinking a Caribou coffee drink!  I don't love sitting in the back for a drive, but Gracie had a fever and none of the girls were feeling well.

Gracie very sweetly held my hand in her misery...

and even fell asleep!

Day 364:

Leah is just sewing...doing her best and not getting frustrated.  There was no swearing or threatening to light the sewing machine on fire and throwing it out the window!  I have no idea where she gets this patience, because, let me assure you, it is NOT from me!

Day 365:

Hanging out with Becca and Steph on NYE which is also my birthday.  Aaron and Becca planned a sweet surprise party for me and it was SO fun!  The entire day was fun and special and I felt like a million bucks :)

And, yeah, I'm doing a picture a day again this year!  Come back tomorrow for the beginning of 2015!

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