Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's a Barrage...of Phone Photos!

Aaron got me a new phone for Mother's Day and got a steal of a deal on it!  We do straight talk from Walmart for our phones, and he got me a smart phone for 20 bucks!

I have a bunch of photos on my old phone that I finally figured out how to get off.  It's a lovely stroll down memory lane...won't you join me? 

This was the first photo I took and texted to Aaron just to be funny.  Abby Cadabby tagged along for errands :)

These 2 buddies were having fun at Aldi together!  Aren't they little!?!?!

I love it when they read together...

Then Christmas rolled around and the kids did some nativity stuff as an activity during Sunday School.

Leah got to be Mary...

Isn't she a cute, sparkly dressed Mary?!

Maggie and I had a Maggie and Mommy date to Target complete with some hot chocolate from Starbucks!

Once our minivan was in the shop, so I squeezed all three girls into the back seat of Aaron's Cavalier.  Three peas in a pod!

Dr. Mike is super fun!  Check out his aim!

Last summer I took the girls out to lunch by myself, and we had a great time!

Look at this pretty girl just chillin' in the cart at Aldi!

When your sisters are in school and unavailable to grocery shop, sometimes you have to bring your own little friend :)

Ryan and Becca were the recipients of Leah's Flat Stanley!  Flat Stanley even brought Leah back some souvenirs from Kansas City.  

Gracie broke her leg before I blogged, and the only pictures from that experience were on my phone, too.  I'll save those for another day and share the story of how it happened!

Have a great day! 

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