Friday, June 6, 2014

Project 365: #22

We had a pretty full week and are enjoying the beginning of summer!

Day 150:

I've read about grilling pizza, but, clearly, I have yet to master it!  Dominos came to the rescue :)

Day 151:

We went to a wedding and my parents were there, too!  My dad set up a little water taste test for the girls (myself included) in champagne flutes:  bottled vs. tap.  Papa always brings the fun!

Day 152:

Breakfast in the lobby of our hotel!

Day 153:

Don't use a wooden spoon while making a smoothie in a blender.  duh.

Day 154:

Grilling with daddy!

Day 155:

Breakfast with The Kitty :)

Day 156:

Sweet Strawberry Sisters!  For the record, they chose to match each other...

Have a great weekend!  I don't think we have much on the schedule, so that should be nice!

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