Friday, June 27, 2014

Project 365: #24 & #25

I've got 2 weeks of pictures here!  With the craziness of being gone because of the tornado and then swimming lessons and VBS, things have been busy!  Enjoy these cutie pie pics :)

Day 164:

Spoons that change color in cold makes fro-yo even better!

Day 165:

Leah and I picked strawberries, and Maggie and Gracie got to enjoy the literal fruit of our labors.

Day 166:

We enjoyed fruit crisp and apple nachos as a picnic on Sunday evening.

Day 167:

We enjoyed some custard at Culver's during their re-opening!  They were like the smartest of the 3 little pigs and built their house out of rock...

Day 168:

My parents were already planning on coming to visit on Tuesday.  Even though we were on the opposite side of town from the tornado damage, we were without power for the whole day and into the next.  We went out to lunch among other adventures and my mom gave Maggie and Leah some drawing tips!

Day 169:

Jumping in the pool at Nana and Papa's!

Day 170:

Leah on the bull thing at the Walmart play place.  I'm the mom who never gives her kids money for the took years before they knew they moved :)  

Day 171:

Fun at the beach...where I had a sunblock fail, for myself.  OUCH!

Day 172:

Piggy Back by the river!

Day 173:

This is what my kids and their friends do during church.  I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to the custodian who undoubtedly finds one million rainbow loom bands.

Day 174:

We like to hang out with giraffes in the morning.  Don't you?  :)

Day 175:

Enjoying supper at the park before VBS!  I was the snack lady.  Everyone likes the snack lady ;)

Day 176:

Leah is practicing her diving stance.

Day 177:

Maggie:  professional swimming lessons kid!

Swimming lessons update:  Leah and Maggie passed their swimming lessons, but Gracie didn't.  She wasn't quite able to put her whole face in the water at once.  She didn't even notice that she didn't pass because she got a tattoo and a bunch of stickers on her paper :)

Have a great weekend!

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