Friday, September 5, 2014

Project 365: #34 and #35

I'm playing catch up again!  Enjoy :)

Day 234:

It's good for kids to work together with their friends, playing in the sand by the lake...

Day 235:

Happy Birthday Party Day to Gracie!  I made this was sooooooo good!

Day 236:

Chillin with Daddy, playing some NBA jam...or whatever it's called :)

Day 237:

Gracie looks disgusted by the mountain of ramen.  Can you tell we live in a small college town and students are moving back?!

Day 238:

Happy Real Birthday, Gracie!  She's celebrating with breakfast in bed.  You can see Leah's knee at the right edge of the photo.  Gracie's too extroverted to enjoy solitary breakfast in bed :)

Day 239:

Day 240:

Breakfast picnic at the park!  So fun!!!  It was followed up by the most ridiculous bike ride ever!

Day 241:

One last adventure hike with friends!  It was also feed the snake day at the nature center, so naturally I texted Aaron a picture of a snake eating a mouse.  I'm romantic like that... ;)

Day 242:

Maggie the grandma...

Maggie the movie star!

Day 243:

We had a fun day with friends!  Leah took this fun picture of Bri and Gracie!  Gracie was making that face in every picture her sisters there's that :)

Day 244:

Apparently I like taking pictures at Walmart.  I enjoyed the "chainsaws" sign above the soda stream stuff :)

Day 245:

Feeling fancy for Kindergarten :)

Day 246:

Playing at the park with her baby...sometimes named Dakota.

Day 247:

Well look at this!  They hung their up backpacks and took care of their lunchboxes without being asked!  We're off to a great start!

I hope you have a great weekend!

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