Friday, September 12, 2014

Project 365: #36

We've had a great week and are getting into the swing of things in the school department!  Gracie and I are really enjoying our days together, too!  I'm going to have to be intentional to get pictures of Leah and Maggie into Project 365, because I just don't see them as much with school...

Day 248:

Sleeping sweetie after the end of a big week of school.

Day 249:

Super fun Saturday at the parade!  I was guessing we'd see 3 people dressed as cows, 4 political things, and 5 marching bands.  If you picked the over on political things (5) and the under on marching bands (4), you'd win in Vegas.  I'm sad to report that there was only one person dressed as a cow.

Day 250:

Maggie is reading her Bible to her dolls before church on Sunday.

Day 251:

Happy Monday from this silly!

Day 252:

Tea on Tuesday!  Leah's pretty excited :)

Day 253:

We fold lots and lots of laundry!  Playing on the tablet makes it more more tolerable for Gracie.

Day 254:

Gracie and I were both wearing our black fleeces on our first trip to Costco!  We put it on and at the same time we said, "Twinsies!"

Have a great weekend!

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