Friday, September 19, 2014

Project 365: #37

We had a great week, and I sure hope you did, too!  We had a few rough nights in terms of sleeping, so a relaxing weekend is in order!  I think we're going to try a new to us restaurant and visit Maggie's new favorite park!

Day 255:

We picked out a fun birthday card for our friend Charlie's birthday!

Day 256:

Maggie is having so much fun in the wigwam at the Children's Museum!  We had such a great time!

Day 257:

Movie night!  We watched the old animated Robin Hood, and the girls loved it!

Day 258:

I went to parents' night at Maggie's school and sat by her spot <3

Day 259:

Leah rigged up butterfly wings with an old scarf and some painters tape.  She is one creative girl!

Day 260:

We be roundin'!

Day 261:

Gracie Girl and I had a great walk!  She has such pretty eyes <3

Have a great weekend!  Do you have any fun plans?

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