Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Fun Little Day Trip...

We had a happy, successful day trip!

Like I mentioned on Friday, we headed a couple hours away to watch The Sound of Music at the high school our friend, Allison, works at!

I packed lunches for us so we could leave right after church.  The girls did a great job eating in the van...no drama!

Even though Gracie didn't care to have her picture taken.

It's like she's a celebrity, and I'm the paparazzi :)

As a happy little bonus, we saw a fleet of Amish people!

And by "a fleet," I mean several horse and buggy combos along the road.

We even made it to the play a little bit early!

The theater looked a lot like the one at my high school which you can see in this picture taken by one Maggie Joy :)

I was really surprised the girls didn't sing along, although Gracie did dance along in a non-obnoxious way.

Silly little ladies during intermission...

We had such a fun time at the show!  The high schoolers did a great job, and the girls liked seeing kids on stage.

Apparently the boy who was supposed to play Frederick had bad grades, so he was replaced by a junior high girl.  This was especially funny, though, because there's a Frederick line where he/she says, "I'm Frederick and I'm a boy."


We went out for pizza at Rocky Rococos!  We ate at those a lot when I was growing up, so it was very nostalgic for me :)

Although they didn't have the cool cut out thing when I was little...

...nor did they have this fancy, space aged soda machine!

It may have taken the girls quite a bit of time to make a beverage selection.

We enjoyed delicious pizza and the company of great friends!

And that's the perfect way to end a weekend...

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