Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winter Catch Up #2 (library and coffee)

It's time for more ketchup catch up!

These are from a fun morning we had almost 2 months ago!

We started out at the library when good behavior was high!

I have a love/hate relationship with the library.

First of all, I have to say that I genuinely appreciate the librarians.  You know how sometimes you take your kids to a place where kids are SUPPOSED to be (oh, like the children's area of the library) and the employees are just ticked that you had the guts to actually bring a happy child with you!

That is SO not the case at our library!  The librarians are helpful and sweet to the girls.

Oh, plus they send me return-your-books emails which I greatly appreciate as I consistently flake out about returning library books.

Anyway, I love the library because of those reasons and because of, you know, books!

I struggle with the library because of all of the choices...which sounds obvious, but my people are not always good with narrowing things down.  I only let them choose 4 books each per visit (to cut down on potential fines, naturally ;)), so that can present a challenge.

They did well this time!

Maggie was happy to check out a bunch of Berenstain Bear books.

Leah got a Boxcar Children book and some easier books that she enjoyed for fun!

Gracie selects her books based on size (the smaller the better) then hangs out with her buddies, the Raggadies (Anne and Andy or course).

Then, I received a text of this picture from Aaron...

I hunted Aaron and Castle down.

Castle is one of my favorite shows, and one that Aaron doesn't mind too much :)

After checking out all of the books, we headed to play some games at our friendly local coffee shop!

We brought Spot It, Chef Cuckoo, and Speedeebee with us (I enjoyed a chai latte).

Chef Cuckoo is the all around favorite!

Maggie was the first judge and went to the futon to cover her eyes so she wouldn't see what cards we chose.

Leah selected her cards...

...and Gracie was our judge the round after that!

We had enough coffee shop behavior left to play Spot It.

And when we went home, The Red Head Alliance read some books while the other girls napped.

It was a good, regular morning <3

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