Friday, March 7, 2014

Project 365: #9

Another week of everyday fun!

Day 59:

I really needed to switch out Maggie's clothes from 4T to 5T, but our basement is fa-reeezing cold!  We decided just to wear hats down there and sort clothes.  I'm happy to report that there aren't any more miscellaneous bags and baskets of clothes downstairs!  Gracie's nose did turn pink because it was so chilly!  We should have had some hot chocolate when we were done :)

Day 60:

We took the girls out for Mexican food.  They devoured the hot dogs they ordered and the chips and salsa :)  I love Maggie's silliness in this picture.

Day 61:

Brush teeth time!

Day 62:

Check out that awesome beard!  

Day 63:

Gracie has this cute toy puppy.  When you press on its back, it barks.  However, there is some sort of short in the system so it starts randomly barking.  Yes, even in the middle of the night!  So, just like we would with a real dog, we let it out at night so it doesn't wake us up with its barking :)  The girls think it is quite hilarious!

Day 64: 

Leah is enjoying her new room!  More about that later...

Day 65:

We got a new kind of toothpaste, and because their mom is somewhat of a foodie, the girls all agreed that it "tastes bad at the end."  So, Gracie and I went to get the old standby...Jake and then Neverland Pirates Crest Berry Flavored.  Whew! 

Have a great weekend!  We are taking the girls to see a play of The Sound of Music on Sunday!  Our friend, Allison, is a high school math teacher, and she is playing in the pit of her high school's production.  The girls don't know yet, but they're going to love it!

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