Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Leah's Birthday Recap!

Leah has been 8 for 2 whole weeks now, and we all think that 8 is great!

We celebrated with all the grandparents and Auntie Mindy on the 15th!

Leah chose the cake for her birthday!

It was actually a gluten free cake...so delicious!

Secret Ingredient:  Quinoa!

I over-beat the frosting and it "broke," so I quickly made a chocolate butter cream.  The text is white chocolate.  I "wrote" on a plastic wrap covered cookie sheet and popped it in the fridge.  I arranged the words after it was set.

Leah had fun wearing a present while opening others...

and her sisters were quite an attentive audience!

We had pizza for supper.  I made a half cheese/half hawaiian pizza, a pepperoni pizza, and a half canadian bacon, sugared bacon, pepperoni/half fancy pizza.  The "fancy" pizza had sugared bacon, fried jalapeno, caramelized onions, and craisins.  I didn't tell anyone about the craisins until they ate it and it was delicious! 

I made up a fun strawberry limeade (recipe tomorrow) and we also had stawberries (Leah's favorite) and salad. 

I love this 8 year old!

The 5 of us celebrated Leah's birthday on her actual day of birth :)

She got to open her presents right away in the morning.

Leah was supposed to have school on her birthday, but it was cancelled due to cold or ice or snow or some such thing.  

That was a nice happy birthday from the school district!

Please enjoy this brief sequence of photos:

Gracie was having a hard time getting into the someone-else's-birthday-spirit of things.

Gracie then made Leah's stuffed animal chinchilla pretend to pee on her (Leah...the birthday girl :)) in self defense*.

Aaron gently reminded Gracie that it's not polite to make a chinchilla pee on someone any time...especially not on that person's birthday.

So, there was that (seriously hilarious).

Maggie was happy to watch Leah open her presents and didn't make any stuffed animals do anything inappropriate.  


Leah really wanted a fleece with thumb holes, and I found one!

She was SO excited and has been wearing it pretty much nonstop.  I feel like I should notify her teacher that Leah is indeed wearing different clothing every day underneath her fleece!

This is quite a resilient fleece, too!  She got sharpie and ketchup on it on Saturday.  I actually got the sharpie out (hand sanitizer for the win!) and the ketchup came out in the wash.  Leah was wearing it on Sunday while cracking eggs for french toast and then dropped an egg and it cracked, getting egg all over her fleece!  So, it's in the wash again, and I think Leah is going through withdrawal.

Aaaanyway, Leah requested hot dogs, cheetoes, strawberries, and cupcakes for her birthday meal.

Easiest birthday meal ever!

We had a great time celebrating an ever greater girl <3

In case you missed it, here's Leah's birthday letter!

*Leah did a report/presentation on chinchillas for school (I'll blog about it eventually) which is why we all know about the whole peeing in self defense thing :)  That fact was a huge hit for the second graders, especially seeing as I wasn't about to research and/or have Leah explain how you can tell a male from a female...which is apparently the question each presenter is asked.  Yikes!  ;)

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