Monday, March 10, 2014

Things I Like

I've found lots of great thing on the mighty internet that I think would be of interest to you!

I'm NOT saving the best for last, though!  I'm busting the best one out first!

A Sense of the Resurrection!

This is by the same creative genius who wrote Truth in the Tinsel, which we did for advent a couple of years ago!  

I like that A Sense of the Resurrection (<--affiliate link) is truly interactive...using all of your senses (hence the title :)).  The book includes 12 activities, so you can really do them any time between now and Easter.  I think we'll do a bunch of them over spring break.  

The e-book is really well organized, so you see all of the supplies you need all in one place.  I also like that they are easily customize-able.  For example, the first day recommends using liquid potpourri in jars around your house, but we'll be doing scented candles instead.  There's a lot of freedom to make things easier for you and your family!

Check it out!  

On an unspiritual, but highly entertaining note, watch this awesome video of Pentatonix singing on Sesame Street!  I think acapella musicians are brilliant!

We read this book to the girls and they loved it!

The cover is really uninspiring for little girls, so they didn't want to check it out at the it's over 300 pages long.  But, Aaron's teacher read it to him when he was in elementary school, and he loved it!  Basically, it's a bunch of court cases that you, the jury, need to decide.  There are 3 pictures of evidence that help you find out the truth.  Each case is only about 5 pages or so long.  

It was fun to hear the girls' reasons for who they thought was guilty or innocent and why.  We though it was fun, but I think it was also good for their observation, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

Here's some awesome scripture:

He tends His flock like a shepherd:  He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young. 
Isaiah 40:11

I love hearing about God's care for us...and this sounds to me an awful lot like God's caring for mommies of little ones <3

The former camp counselor in me totally enjoyed these 63 Signs You Were a Camp Counselor!

When I meal plan, I rarely plan side dishes and end up scrambling at meal time.  Enter one of my favorite food bloggers.  She created this brilliant side dish planner.  I'm going to be using this a lot!

And last but not least, you know what I like?  A clean fridge!  

Aaron cleaned out the fridge (wiped everything off!!!) while I was napping on Saturday!  I seriously married well.  I also feel like I'm a better cook when the fridge is really clean :)

What are you up to today?  Gracie and I are going grocery shopping.  I'm going to over organize my list and find side dishes to go with everything!

Enjoy your day!

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