Monday, May 19, 2014

A Great Day to be Alive

The day that I went to see Mom's Night Out with some mommy friends was an amazing day!

As I was walking from the coffee shop to meet my family at the restaurant, I literally thought to myself, "This is a great day to be alive!"

I mean, I really thought those words in my head.

I may be the cheesiest person alive.

But, I walked past trees like this, so I feel like that was the only reasonable response :)

And I met up with these cuties for supper, so again, a very reasonable response.

Gracie, also a cutie, was there, too, but her picture was lit all weird.

Then, all of us walked around downtown for a bit and the girls were so excited to see the beautiful trees!  If they were as cheesy as their mama, they would have said it was a great day to be alive, too!

The girls were so excited to be up close to the clock tower!

And I was super excited to take a close up picture of them in the clock tower.

I just love the randomness of that!  I feel like they should be on the cover of some indie rock band album or something.

We ended up by a beautiful, old church and the girls wanted their pictures taken on the steps.

Leah and Maggie posed together...

and they each posed separately...each somewhat awkwardly.  It can be hard to smile on demand sometimes...even if your mom isn't the one instigating your smiling on demand :)


Hey...what's goin' on over there?

The bottom of my shoes are awesome and showing my teeth is overrated.

Uhhh...I really just wish I was pretending to be in The Sound of Music or Frozen right now.
So, as you can see, it really was a great day to be alive!

And, even if the weather had been lousy or if the girls had been naughty or I wouldn't have had time with friends or if we hadn't eaten at my favorite restaurant, it still would have been a great day to be alive.

Because, really, isn't that truly the case every day?

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