Friday, May 16, 2014

Project 365: #19

Maggie just said that a certain episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates was "off the hook!"


That really has nothing to do with these pictures, but it was too cute to not write down :)

Day 129:

Maggie's magazine (High Five) had a "recipe" for sandwiches in animal shapes, so, for special, we made some for lunch.  She and Gracie inhaled their fish and duck shaped PB&Js!

Day 130:

We went for a lovely walk on Saturday and enjoyed the blooming trees.

Day 131:

I gave each of the girls a flower on Mother's Day, because they made me a mama <3

Day 132:

There's nothing better than rain boots and a big ol' puddle!

Day 133:

Maggie called me into the living room and said, "Look mom!  I'm being a good big sister!"

Day 134:

Maggie woke up allegedly not feeling well, but she was feeling vastly improved about an hour later :)

Day 135:

My reading reader who reads <3

Have a great weekend!  We are heading to a cupcake shop on Saturday morning!  Wheeee!

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