Monday, July 14, 2014

Leah's Debut

I feel like as a parent, there I things that I really enjoyed as a child that I would like the girls to enjoy.

But, I don't want to be that mom, so I don't push them into things, even if I think it's something they'd genuinely enjoy!

I was in plays when I was little, so that's kind of my thing and I didn't want to push her into something just because I liked it.

So, even though I've known that Leah would enjoy being in a play, I waited until she was sure she wanted to do it.  

She waffled back and forth and back and forth last summer, and ended up regretting not doing it.  I'm sure a little nudge wouldn't have scarred her or anything.

Leah was ready this summer, though, and had an amazing time with the Missoula Children's Theater!

It was the perfect way for her to dip her toe into the theater world.  They had group auditions on Monday, rehearsed in the mornings until Friday, and performed Friday evening and Saturday morning.  It was a whirlwind of fun!

Leah was a member of The Secret Garden in The Secret Garden.

It's kind of mind bending, but it was a very creative rendition of the book :)

She started out as a plant that was without life,

and ended up as a plant (of the grape variety) filled with life!

Ah, yes, you know me...I'm always a sucker for a good redemption story!

She loved every part of it!  It certainly didn't hurt that some of her friends were in it with her.

She loved getting flowers, too...can't blame a girl for that!

We loved watching her!

The look on Leah's face when she came into the lobby after her first show was priceless!  Joy and excitement and the best kind of pride all rolled into one.

It was her best possible debut :)

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