Tuesday, July 29, 2014

That One

I feel like every family has one of those people. 

You know...the one who has all of the weird things happen to him/her.

When I was growing up, that person was my brother.  I didn't have an ear infection until I was 31 (which is strange), but my brother had them like every 5 minutes.  He had pneumonia, burned has hand really bad, etc.

That person in our family is one Gracie Kate.

She had that bump thing on the inside of her mouth removed, broke her leg (which I still plan to write about), and had to go to the ER because of a laceration on her head.

Naturally, weird health things happen to my girls on the weekend or when we are out of town and can't get to our normal doctor.

It shouldn't have come as a huge surprise, then, when at 5:10 on a Friday, she started seeming like she had a UTI.  Among other things, she was trying and trying to go potty and couldn't, even thought she had to go really badly.

There's a decent amount of drama around here, but this was one of those times that I didn't think was rooted in drama.

Poor Gracie was crying and crying and crying.  I couldn't get her to calm down, and mentioning that we were going to see the doctor certainly didn't help any.

But, as I was getting some things together to go to the ER, Leah and Maggie went into the bathroom and seriously talked her down like I couldn't.  They were praying for her with Aaron, too.

I'm not going to say she was excited to go to the ER, but she was calm and not crying.

Armed with Pink Blanket and Maggie's stuffed giraffe, Twigs, we made our way into the ER with zero waiting.  Totally a perk to living in a fairly small town.  

I'll admit that I didn't have real high hopes for the initial exam.

But, Gracie was a champ!  They put the finger monitor on her and, while she wasn't thrilled, she did great!  She stepped on the scale without a fuss and let them take her temperature like she does it every day!

Granted, getting her to pee into the bowl thing that they put in the toilet was easier said than done, but she didn't cry.

I think she was motivated by the popsicle that the nurse promised her when she peed, because that's what did it!

Gracie sat on my lap and enjoyed her popsicle...which was a doubler (you know, the kind that are like 2 attached skinny popsicles).  She was so sweet and wanted to save one for Leah.

She even whispered the entire time we were waiting for her test results :)

I said, "Gracie, you can talk in your regular voice.  It's okay; you don't have to whisper."

She replied, "Oh, so I can shout?"

This explains a whole lot about the talking volume at our house.

Needless to say, I was happy to let the whispering continue in lieu of the outside voice.

The doctor came in with the news that Gracie had a UTI and gave us some instructions and a prescription and we were done!

I dropped the prescription off at Walgreens and then went through the drive thru at McDonald's to get Gracie a happy meal as she requested. 

And because I would like to never eat McDonald's ever again, I went through the drive thru at Culver's for myself :)

As we were driving home, I asked Gracie what she wanted to listen to.  She requested the Christmas CD we still have in the minivan.  

The first song:  O Come All Ye Faithful.

I loved hearing her sweet voice sing us home, "Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing..."  

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