Friday, July 25, 2014

Project 365: #28 and #29

It's been a busy couple of weeks around these parts!  I actually just got a sweet email from my sister-in-law wondering if everything was okay because I hadn't blogged in so long!

But, I assure you, things are all okay around these parts.  The girls and I were at my parents' house the beginning of this week while Aaron was powering through some seminary.  

Plus, Aaron and I have a new show to watch at night.  I think we're late to the Sherlock bandwagon, but better late than never, because it's a nice, cozy, highly entertaining bandwagon to be on!

Aaaaaaaaanyway, here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Day 192:

Checking out the Little Free Library!  Such a fun thing!

Day 193:  

After Leah's play, we went to a nature center with all of the grandparents, and Maggie and Papa enjoyed a book!

Day 194:

Aaron's parents stayed until Sunday, and the girls enjoyed some reading time with Grandma Linda.

Day 195:

We found some big white feathers and Leah asked if she could use it as a quill.  She did great!  Let's just say that it's an activity better suited to 8 year olds and not kids who are, say, 5 and 3 :)

Day 196:

You don't want to be surprised by the bowling ball coming up.  It's best to keep a close eye on such things...

Day 197:

Sweet sisters <3

Day 198:

Lookin' good in mommy's sunglasses!

Day 199:

They look so cute reading together!

Day 200:

Leah was making these chocolate chip bars by herself, as Gracie kept a close eye on things :)

Day 201:

Soooooo tired on the way home from the splash pad.  Leah may or may not be faking :)

Day 202:

Fajitas with my sister at Chili's!  

Day 203:

Sweet girl cousins being little ducks in a row!

Day 204:

There was a lot of crying on this day, so Leah typed me a nice little note on her fake laptop, "Mommy, you are the real MVP!"

Day 205:

I was pretty excited to find my favorite cereal and the scratch and dent grocery store!

Ahhhhhhh....all caught up! 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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