Friday, July 11, 2014

Project 365: #27

It's been a week full of fun and play rehearsals!  Leah is loving her first foray into the theater :)

Day 185:

A fun adventure hike on the 4th of July!  We went to a cook out and kept the girls up for fireworks, too!  While it was fun watching fireworks with the girls, I may have had a tiny bit of regret for keeping them up when there was a lot of crying the next day ;)

Day 186:

Sweet sisters <3

Day 187:

Puzzles with Daddy before church!

Day 188:

Leah learning about her audition for the Missoula Children's Theater!  She had a lot of fun!

Day 189:

I got the girls freezy pops at the pool and they were super excited, even though it was actually kind of cold out!

Day 190:

We found that Maggie is pretty good at carpet ball!

I love her cute dimple <3

Day 191: sweet summer girl, enjoying her season.

I hope you have a great weekend!  We are excited to have all of the grandparents and my sister here to see Leah's play!

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