Monday, November 17, 2014

Becky's Happy Table

Are you all ready for this?!?!?!  Pretend I just said that in my introducing-the-home-team-players-announcer-voice.

I have a food blog...Becky's Happy Table!


I've had it since the beginning of October, actually.  I've waited until now to tell you so that I'd have a whole bunch of recipes for you to peruse and pin!

Here is an index of all of the recipes I've posted.

Be sure to click on the Aldi Tab to see all of the recipes I've posted that use only ingredients from Aldi!  There are a bunch, because I participated in the 31 Days challenge in October. This means that I posted every day in October around the same theme, and mine was, you guessed it, recipes that only use ingredients from Aldi!

A few things: 
  • I won't be posting recipes on my personal facebook account, so for updates, like Becky's Happy Table on facebook and you can be facebook official with my food blog :)
  • I'll do a quick round up of recipes at the bottom of my Project 365 posts.
  • It's my goal to post 3 times a week here and 3 times a week on Becky's Happy Table.  
Now, here's the best reason to check out the food blog!  I just posted my scone recipe!  

I don't mean to gush, but I haven't met a person who hasn't loved these scones!  Everyone in my family loves them which is really saying something, because I have some picky eaters over here!

A couple of questions for you:
  • Do you have a family favorite recipe I should try?  Send it my way!
  • What kind of recipes are you always on the lookout for?  Slow Cooker ones?  Easy side dishes?  Quick entrees?  I want to post recipes the you want to make!

So, pretty please, come check out Becky's Happy Table and don't forget to like it on facebook!

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