Monday, November 3, 2014

Project 365: #42 and #43

Aaron, the girls, and I are out of town at the moment!  Our wonderful neighbors had some timeshare space that they let us use!  The girls don't have school today, so it's the perfect little getaway :)

Here are some fun pictures (and a super cute video) from the last couple of weeks!

Day 290:

Reading with my girl before bed!

Day 291:

We stopped at the cupcake shop, and Leah was wearing the cup cake shirt.  Perfect!

Day 292:  

Sunday night:  watching football and blogging :)

Day 293:

I hope she never stops writing cute little notes <3

Day 294:

Those aren't books; they are puddles.  I love how creative she is!

Day 295:

Maggie with her signature drawing.  I love the hair and how she carefully drew 5 fingers on each hand <3

Day 296:

This video really captures Gracie's fun loving spirit!  Plus, believe me, she has her daddy's rhythm :)  The video is literally 11 seconds long.

Day 297:

Aaron performed a wedding out of town, so here he is getting stuff ready at the desk in our hotel room.  The girls stayed with my parents (also known as "fun-central"), so it was kind of a little getaway for us!

Day 298:

We had such a fun time at the reception!  The whole weekend itself was just great!  More about the wedding later...

Day 299:

Silly Gracie with an electronic key toy thing on the drive home!

Day 300:

The leaf sucker got full sucking up our leaves, so the truck left it there while they unloaded and came back for more.  We don't get a lot of action on our dead end, so this was

Day 301:

Debating the costume options at the Dollar Store.  Initially, I thought it would be fun to have the girls each pick a Strawberry Shortcake character to be for Trick or Treat.  Then, I realized how much work it would be and decided to let them go to the Dollar Store to pick from the costume stuff there.  It ended up being even easier when Gracie decided to be Cinderella (we were handed down a Cinderella dress up dress), Leah decided to be a cat (we already had what we needed for that at home), and Maggie decided to be a butterfly.  We only ended up buying a set of fairy butterfly wings at the Dollar Store!

Day 302:

While I was getting dressed for the day, the girls got breakfast ready and even put out a little centerpiece :)  They were eating this for breakfast.

Day 303:

I just didn't have my act together enough to carve pumpkins, so we painted little ones instead!  The girls really liked it!  I find that once I chill out about the thought of painting getting all over, it's actually quite relaxing.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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