Monday, November 24, 2014


I need to remind myself of this, so I'm going to guess that you need the reminder, too.

This is important:

This is productive:

Sewing buttons with Leah (even though it quite possibly takes 4 times as long) is worth it.

Leah and I literally shared each stitch.  She had a hard time finding the hole in the button when pushing the needle up from the bottom.  I would do that, hand her the pajamas, and then she'd push the needle down into the button hole.

We cuddled up by each other on the couch to fix Maggie's pajamas together...serving her sister and building her confidence. 

It took longer, but it was worth it.  Absolutely.

When a little one is having a hard time obeying and speaking kindly, sometimes the cuddle after she stands in the corner is the most important part of the process.

When it is witching hour, and everyone needs me, and dinner needs to be made, and backpacks have seemingly exploded all over the living room, and planners need to be signed, and snacks need to be eaten, and the dishwasher needs to be emptied so it can be loaded again, and spelling words need to be practiced, and, and, AND...

the most productive and important thing I can do is cuddle my physical touch/quality time girl who is an introverted feeler (for all of you love languages/Meyer's Briggs people).  

As we sprint into the holiday season, I need to remember:

I don't want to sacrifice what my girls really need on the alter of getting things done.

I don't want to work so hard to create an experience that I neglect their hearts.  

I am not defined by checking off all of the items on my mental to-do list. 

So, today I will be slow.  I won't rush her into and out of the minivan.  I won't get snippy when they need help and I'm in the midst of making supper.  I'll sit down and build blocks instead of cleaning her room.  I'll watch her do yet another cartwheel and her do a "handstand."  I'll look into her eyes when I give her an answer.  

A present mom is significantly better than a productive one.

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