Friday, November 21, 2014

Project 365: #46

It's Friday!  Yahoo!  

Day 318:

Getting a jump on some Christmas shopping!

Day 319:

Leah colored the cute rainbow on the wall above her bed!

Day 320:

Enjoying her view of the morning <3

Day 321:

Just checking on her baby first thing in the morning!  Such a good little mama <3

Day 322:

This is what our living room looked like in the aftermath of organizing and separating the 31 orders!  The girls were watching Kipper on netflix while Leah and I put orders into bags.

Day 323:

Maggie with her teddy bear on National Teddy Bear Day!  She is wearing that particular outfit because it has the same colors as her bear :)

Day 324:

Gracie is entertaining Emma with finger puppets while Hannah and I visited!  Already trying out her babysitting skillz ;)

Have a great weekend!  

Oh and in case you missed recipes on Becky's Happy Table, here they are!

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