Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Barrage of Adorableness!

Leah and I went to Target on Saturday.  

On our way there, we drove passed a packed Portrait Innovations.  

Saturdays are busy days at portrait studios.  We've certainly gone to photo studios and gotten great photos, but the stress...seriously.  THE STRESS!

I was extra thankful for Brandon taking our family pictures when I saw the stressed out mommies, crabby children, crying babies, and the disgruntled dad wearing a stocking cap with a pompom on the tip of it!

He took like 1200 pictures, narrowed them down, and then I narrowed them down some more for this post.  It was so hard, because Brandon did such an insanely amazing job!

Buckle up, friends, it's about to get adorable around here!

Oh, and be sure to notice Gracie's expressions...she's pretty hilarious!  Brandon even had a subfolder filled with pictures of Gracie's many faces :)

I love the silly faces in these!

This is one of my very favorites!

And this one was hands down the best picture of Leah by herself!

Leah is the happiest and most cheerful kid I know.  I feel like that photo really captured her joyful spirit!

And Maggie!

When she decides to cooperate with having her picture taken, she is insanely photogenic!

I mean, seriously?  How do you even pick a favorite shot?

And my little kitty cat (yes, I call Gracie "kitty cat" :)!

She's so busy and full of life that it was challenging to get her to stay in one place!

She's a mighty cute one, too!

And then there's us <3

I might see if Brandon can magically make my watch disappear disappear :)

I heart these, too!

I think I'm going to make a new header of the blog with one of those!  Which one do you think is best?

And then we brought out the cupcakes!

They were really working hard...

...and having fun!

So which ones are your favorites?

And again...millions and millions of thank yous to Brandon and his assistant extraordinaire, Hannah!

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