Monday, August 11, 2014

A Happy Little Thing

When we were at my parents' house last week, I just had to go to Target.

Really, I had to.  They were literally out of the pencils that the girls need for school in our town.  I needed to pick some up, and I also needed to go because, well, it's Target.

I wanted to leave and be back before Aaron left the house to meet up with a friend.  I literally threw on clothes and left without doing my hair, brushing my teeth, etc.

Once again, I'm always finding new ways to keep it classy :)

I walked into the store and saw Rachel, one of my sweet friends since I was a little girl and one of my closest friends in high school!

This might not be a big deal, seeing as I was in my home town, but Rachel and her family live in Dubai.

As in the United Arab Emirates.

We caught up a bit by the cash registers before Rachel had to leave to take her son to a summer pre-school.  Come to find out, she was planning on meeting up with one of our other friends, Andrea, later that day!  Andrea was back visiting her parents, too.

For the record, I've known Andrea since she moved into the house behind me in Kindergarten.  I thought she had 2 broken legs because she was wearing white boots :)  I could go on and on about our childhood shenanigans, but I won't, because I'd like her to still be my friend.

Additionally, I could pull out some real winning photos of us, but I don't know exactly where they are, and the whole I-want-them-to-still-be-my-friend bit!

We were going to meet up with our kids at a park, but it was rainy, so we went to the McDonald's Play Land instead.

Aaron came with me and the girls.  I may have told the girls that they should direct all of their inquiries, stories, tears, and any other talking to their dad.

Yeah, there's no "may" about it, I totally did, and they actually did it!  

It was so great to talk without being interrupted.  Plus, Aaron got the chance to meet them for longer than just a quick, distracted meal at a wedding or a picnic with a ton of other people and things going on.

We talked about our lives, our kids, how freaking hot it is in Dubai, funny retirement ideas, and then some.  

The whole thing was just so good for my heart.  I don't believe that I just "happened" to bump into Rachel at Target.  I know that God designed and orchestrated this happy little thing because He loves me.  I really felt that in a personal way.  

Did I mention that the kids played together like hyper little rock stars and did awesome?  Because they did!

Plus, between Rachel and Andrea, each of my daughters had a playmate who was totally their age.  You'd be surprised how rarely that happens.

So, yeah, the moral of the story:  good things happen when you leave the house without being ready for the day :)

Any happy little surprises in your life lately?

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