Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New 'Dos

It was time.

Maggie and Gracie have never had their hair cut, and Leah hasn't had her hair cut in about a million years...give or take a few.

The thought of taking all of the girls to a salon to get haircuts was incredibly daunting, so it finally occurred to me to ask a friend to cut their hair at her house.

Here's their hair before...

and the after!

Maggie got the most off.  

Gracie's hair is mostly evened out.  

Leah's is a lot healthier!  She can brush it on her own now, too.  It's a lot more manageable for her.

They are still so pretty!

And I got my hair cut, too!  I straightened it in this picture, but it curls really nicely when I just add a little mousse!

Photo Credit:  Maggie :)

Oh, and if you look closely on the right side of my forehead (as you look at the picture), you can see that I burned myself with the straightener!

Always keeping it classy :)

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