Friday, August 1, 2014

Project 365: #30

It was a great week and by "week" I mean the last 7 days since I posted a Project 365 :)  It started with a Girls 24 Hours get away and ended with a bedtime melt down...sounds about par for the course!

Day 206:

I met up with some of my favorite people for a 24 hour long girls getaway.  So much fun!  We ate at an awesome Mexican restaurant.  Literally the best chips of my life.  It was like they cut the tortillas into triangles, fried them, and immediately brought them to our table!

Day 207:

Mangoes on a stick at the farmers' market.  Awesome and refreshing, especially because it felt like it was one million degrees outside!

Day 208:

I was so tired on Sunday, that I just kind of laid on the couch watching a marathon of Love It or List It while Gracie plugged my nose, gave me kisses, and examined my teeth.

Day 209:

Greg was giving Aaron and the girls some insider fire making tips.  The girls practiced their log cabins :)

Day 210:

I grilled a chicken.  Best whole chicken of my life.  Plus, he looks kind of hilarious there :)

Day 211:

Leah declared that this week was the week of breakfast in bed.  We each have a day.  Here she is enjoying her cereal, dried mango, and apple juice!  She comes up with the cutest ideas!

Day 212:

Fun with friends at some storybook gardens!

I hope you are looking forward to a great weekend!  We are having donuts for breakfast (Maggie requested them for her breakfast in bed) and might buy some school supplies.  

I know...insane fun :)

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