Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Frog Repellent

We have family movie night on Sunday evenings which is kind of reminiscent of when I was little and The Wonderful World of Disney was on TV at that same time.  Let me tell you, ABC really knew what they were doing when they put together that schedule!  Because, as the parent, I'm spent at the end of the weekend, and we can all use the downtime before the beginning of a new week!

I also psychotically check out the movies we watch, because we're kind of picky about what the girls watch.  I check Plugged In movie reviews before we rent them, to make sure that movies are appropriate for our sweet and sensitive girls.  

I was happy when I checked and saw that Muppets Most Wanted received a green light for people of all ages!

image source
The basis of the plot is that Kermit, the ultimate good guy...

image source

is abducted and replaced with Constantine, the really bad guy frog.

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And, from what I saw, Plugged In was right!  There was slapstick "violence," like the way that every building/phone booth Constantine left blew up.  It was obviously over the top and funny.

But, not to my little girls.

They insisted that it was too scary (I think it was maybe too suspenseful or uncomfortable for them), so we played computer games on the bed while Aaron and Leah finished watching the movie.

The only problem with them not finishing the movie was that they didn't get to see the resolution of the happy ending. 

They were pretty freaked out going to bed, but we managed to get them down without much of an incident and explained the happy ending. 

Until the next night.

Have mercy.

The girls were going to a Backyard Bible Club for the week, so they were up until later than 8:00 every night which is a big deal in their little worlds.

And, I don't care how old you are, being tired heightens your emotions...all the emotions.  In this case, their fears were highly, highly heightened.

Maggie was freaking.out...crying to the point of sheets of snot flowing down her face.  I didn't have tissues within reach, so I took one for the team, and used my shirt as a tissue.

You know you've done it before, too :)

I said all the good mom things.  We read a Bible verse about God being with us and not needing to be afraid.  We held hands and prayed.  We sang "My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty..."   


I even pulled out my successful hostage negotiator voice (soft, low, and soothing), which is normally a sure fire hit, but to no avail.

I mean, none of it worked.  None of it!

Aaron even tried rocketing Maggie up to her top bunk, which she normally loves, but she was wildly thrashing around so he couldn't.

Did I mention she was overtired?  Because, she was overtired.  

I was desperately trying to come up with something helpful.

As Aaron was singing our nighttime songs over their sobs, BING!  The idea light bulb lit over my head.

I ran out to the garage and grabbed a bottle of Buggins.


"Girls!" I exclaimed with great confidence and happiness.  "I have just the thing!  What do frogs eat?  Bugs, right?"

"Yeah," they managed to choke out between sobs.

"I grabbed some Buggins!  We can spray it in your room so that bugs won't come in.  If bugs aren't in here, frogs won't want to come in here either, because there won't be anything for them to eat.  I'll spray Buggins, and you won't need to worry about the bad Kermit any more!"


My bizarre-o "logic" worked!  I sprayed it around their room and on them, and they went right to sleep!  

Now, if I'm still spraying Buggins in their room at Christmastime, I'll be concerned.  But for now, I'll chalk this up as a mommy win :)

Have you had any happy mommy wins lately?

Oh, I suppose this qualifies as...

In case you missed the other one, here it is :)

Now, don't forget!  Tell me about your latest mommy win...

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