Thursday, February 13, 2014

2 Easy Salad Recipes!

I love a good salad!  But, produce can be a little questionable during winter.

Enter these salads!

2 easy salad recipes

These are two salads that don't rely on farm fresh tomatoes.

Because, is it just me, or do tomatoes just seem a little apple-esque in their texture during winter?

Anyway, up first we have Mandarin Salad!

You need mandarin oranges, sugared almonds (I buy honey roasted sliced almonds at the store), green onion, and sliced celery.

I don't know about you, but I've never heard anyone wax eloquent about the deliciousness of celery in season.  

The dressing is super easy!

I like to use spring mix lettuce for this salad, but you could use romaine, spinach, or any combination!

Just sprinkle your ingredients on top and drizzle with dressing and you're done!

Mandarin Salad

You can make this as a big salad (not individually serving sized) and toss with dressing just before serving, too!

On a side note, this is my friend Dani's recipe.  I got it out of a cookbook that we made for MOPS in 2008.  You know how sometimes you get cookbooks like that where there aren't any good recipes in it or you're afraid to try the recipes because there aren't pictures?  That is so not the case about this cookbook!  My friends must all be good cooks :)

On to recipe number two!

You need:

I make my own dressing for the salad...

but you can totally just buy your favorite balsamic vinaigrette and it's fine.  I just didn't have any at home!  

I put the yummy ingredients on a bed of romaine, but like the other recipe you can also use spring mix lettuce, spinach or a combination of both!

Feta, Craisin, and Walnut Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

I seriously love this salad, and I think some of the love comes from how easy it is!  The craisins and walnuts can just hang out in the pantry and I often have feta in the fridge.  I've even made this with small cubes of cojack in place of the feta!  It's so easy to just toss together!  No chopping!

The other bonus about both of these salads is that you can just add some chicken and have your salad as a meal!

That's what I'm planning on doing for I just have to decide which one to have!

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