Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mommy Subway

You know how sometimes you just get something in your head and can't think of it any other way?

That's the case with me and Jimmy John's day old bread.  The only way I've ever used it is for garlic bread.

I cannot think of it any other way...

Until my brilliant friend, Jen, posted on facebook that they make their own subs on the Jimmy John's bread.

It was like a gigantic light bulb illuminated above my head while I simultaneously smacked my forehead exclaiming, "Duh!"

So, yeah, not only does Jen have one of the best laughs around and amazing decorating skills, she's a revered genius around here!

I added on to her idea a bit and created...

Can I just say that this required very little work?  The only extra work was putting the ingredients on a plate as opposed to using them from the jar, deli bag, or cutting board.

I am also aware that having Subway on Jimmy John's bread is probably some sort of licensing problem, but oh well :)

For our Subway, we started out with fun baskets from the Target Dollar Spot last summer:

Then we had the ingredients:

1.  The bread (obviously)
2.  Meat and Cheese (I got these thinly sliced from the deli.  I feel like having it thinly sliced made it more authentic, but whatever you like is best)
3.  Veggies (pickles, shredded lettuce, thinly sliced bell peppers, and cucumbers.  Use what your family likes!)
4.  Mommy's veggies (I'm the only fancy lettuce and tomato eater)
5.  Condiments (we did mayo, salt and pepper, and parmesan)

A note about mayo:  Make it fun!  Stir in some dijon, horseradish, pesto, fresh herbs...whatever gives it a little pizzazz!  

We had simple sides of chips and strawberries...

with monster cookies for dessert!

I started out making Aaron's sub to show the girls how they could each be a Subway worker.  Leah was so excited she was literally bouncing up and down :)

Aaron did ask me out on a date while I was making his sub, which the girls thought was quite silly :)

Note:  we didn't meet at Subway; we met at camp.

Anyway, Gracie and Maggie opted to make their own subs 

and Leah was super excited to make mine!

You can see how pleased they were with themselves!

And if college doesn't work out, being a sandwich artist is a plan B...or Plan C ;)

Just how much did they love this?

They loved this so much that when we were praying before bed, Leah passionately thanked Jesus for pinterest so that I could find this idea.

I didn't have the heart to interrupt her and tell her that I got the idea from Jen :)

We'll probably be doing this once a month.  I think it would make a really fun way to have supper with friends, too!

See, it's pretty easy to be the Fun Mom sometimes :)

Oh, and topped with some hard boiled egg,  the leftovers make a great chef salad for lunch the next day!

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