Friday, February 7, 2014

Project 365: #5

Happy Friday aka the first second night of the Olympics!  I'm nerd-tast-tically excited!

On to the pictures :)

Day 31:

Gracie held up the dough hook for my Kitchen Aid and exclaimed, "Aye, me hearties!"  It's nice having your own pint sized Captain Hook at home :)

Day 32:

The Read Head Alliance is just hanging out and doing some reading.

Day 33:

I made super cute football cookies for the Super Bowl.  I feel like that's how women think about sports..."Oh, what a great chance for me to make some cute football cookies!"  Orrrrr, maybe that's just me :)

Day 34:

Gracie loved her hair so much that she requested that we visit Aaron in his office so he could see it immediately.  She is quite pleased with herself!

Day 35:

X marks the spot!!!

Day 36:

Ignore the spacey look on my face (I'm horrible at taking selfies), and instead focus on the awesome apron my sister made me for my birthday.  Seriously.  When I sew, all I end up with is tears, swearing, and a sewing machine thrown out the window (those are all overstatements...kind of ;)).  When my sister sews, angels sing, rainbows appear, and she makes cute things like this apron.  And, she probably doesn't even want to swear.

Day 37:

Quilt rides!  With any luck, that'll be an event in the next Olympics ;)

Have a great weekend!

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