Monday, February 24, 2014

Buckling Down

Friends, I have to buckle down this week and get some stuff done!

I have a list, and the tasks range from easy to hard to will-probably-take-less-time-than-I-think-if-I-would-just-get-started-already-sheesh!

Here it is:

Family Pictures  Brandon said that I should let him know what pictures we are going to print and then he would resize them so that when we print the pictures someone's head isn't chopped off.  Let's not discuss how long it's been since our moms told us what pictures they wanted (Maggie's birthday in December), but I still have to choose the ones I want for the wall.

Switch Clothes  Seriously the bane of every mom's existence, switching a child's wardrobe for a size up or a season.  I'm grateful we have more than we need in the clothing department, but it just takes doing.

Resistance Band Exercises  Oh, look!  This one is crossed off already!  

Yeah, I have no shame seeing as I posted a picture of myself first thing in the morning on the internet.

First, I did this exercise video hosted by a tatted up British chap who told us these were great exercises to do while "on holiday" and "backstage at a wrestling show."  At one point, I did think the resistance band was going to pop off the top of the door and smack me in the face, but it didn't.  That's victory in my book!

Then, I did this video which I will probably do again.  It's by popsugar fitness.  The exercise leader lady was a little too perky for me and she referred to us as "girlfriends!!!!" which is too much for me, but I managed to get over it.  Popsugar fitness has a bunch of 10 minute exercise videos, and I think I'll choose 2 to do each morning to kind of mix things up!

Anyway, I was perrrrrrky and cheerful this morning after doing my exercises.  I've gone in streaks of doing really well getting up early to exercise, and I'd like to start another one!

Gracie's Closet Shelf  We are going to switch Leah and Gracie around in the bedrooms, and the closet shelf in Gracie's room is ridiculous.  I don't even know what is up there which means that a vast majority of it will be donated or thrown away.  

Books Downstairs  We are so blessed to have an insane amount of books for the much that we can only have a portion of them upstairs at a time.  Our little library downstairs it out.of.control. and needs to be reined in.

Whew!  I've got a nice little list :)  I'll report back next Monday to let you know how successful I've been.

What do you need to buckle down and get done?  Let's encourage each other!

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