Friday, February 21, 2014

Project 365: #6 and #7

It's catch up on pictures time!

Day 38:

Sweet sleeping girl.  She was so sick and fevered.  Our doctor's office was booked solid, so I had to take her to the ER for a strep test.  It was negative, but she was still one sick girl.

Day 39:

Gracie requests to be call Super Star when she wears this shirt.  We are happy to comply...when we remember.  You'd never guess by this picture that she was up in a steamy bathroom with croup every hour and half or so the night before.

Day 40:

Oh, this is just me organizing my shopping list in the order of the store, because I'm edgy like that.  It's kind of obnoxious, but it does save me a ton of time!

Day 41:

We are just watching some Olympics!  The girls go to bed too early to watch much on TV.  I believe we were watch the luge practice.  

Day 42:

Hey, uh, there's something on your legs.

Day 43:

Leah looks like she's outside, but she's actually inside, holding a sheet while I take pictures for a recipe.  Such a trooper!

Day 44:

Gracie got a little bit of ice cream in the morning, because she didn't call out after I put her to bed the night before.  If you've ever been at our house at bedtime, you know what a huge deal that is...hence the ice cream :)

Day 45:

This is the most ridiculous of the outtakes of our valentines!  

Day 46:

Leah with her cake on her birthday celebration day!  The grandparents were all on their way!

Day 47:

The inside of the couch is probably the cleanest place in the house ;)

Day 48:

Happy Birthday, Leah!

Day 49:

Reading before bed with Bri!

Day 50:

My parents got me this little white board for the fridge, and sometimes Leah leaves me notes.  The part you can't see has the menu for the week on it which is why she was asking about The Sandwich :)

Day 51:

Although the picture is grainy, it is certainly precious!  Maggie fell out of bed (and shockingly didn't cry), and Aaron ran in to the rescue <3

Have an awesome weekend!  I'm looking forward to the Women's Day Seminar at church tomorrow!  My talk is coming together really well, and I'm so thankful!

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