Friday, February 28, 2014

Project 365: #8

It was a good week!  Here are some happy little bits :)

Day 52:

We went to our coffee shop where one of our friends was playing his guitar and singing.  You can see just how much fun Maggie and Gracie were having!  I love everything about this picture!  I love that Maggie is doing a pointing dance that Gracie's braid is in motion, because she was jumping up and down.  Maggie was even twirling Gracie like a little swing dancer :)  I love the freedom they have in their happy fun times!

Day 53:

I love ending (and beginning and spending) my day with this guy!  

Day 54:

It's a tripler!  We love it when food is stuck together and this is THREE pretzels stuck together!

Day 55:

Gracie and I were enjoying a lovely lunchtime picnic!

Day 56:

Hey look!  There's a cursive L in the vacuum cord!

Day 57:

The good thing about it being life-suckingly cold (and I'm a person who genuinely likes winter) is that you get lots of frost on the window...perfect for scratching off and drawing pictures!

Day 58:

Happy bananas are ready to head into the freezer for morning smoothies!

Have a great weekend!  

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