Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jesus (and Gracie) in the ER

Aaron was teaching an evangelism class at our friend's church in town, so I got to go to the class, and the girls got to go to the child care/nursery area at the church.

Because Gracie is Aaron's daughter, she was running/dancing in a circle. Because Gracie is my daughter, she tripped and hit her head on the corner of a shelf.

She got a pretty decent cut by her eyebrow, so one of the volunteers ran to get me.  We looked at it and based on how deep it was and where it was, thought it would be good to take Gracie to the ER.  

We had driven to the church separately because Aaron wanted to be there early, so he took Leah and Maggie home and I took Gracie to the ER.

I was thankful that we got right in!  

But, that's when things got interesting.

The last time Gracie was in the hospital was when she got the bump removed from the inside of her mouth/lip.  

The time before that was when she had a broken leg.

Let's just say that she's not a fan of hospitals.

Plus, she really remembers getting the bump off of her lip; she was talking about it to me in the last couple of weeks.

So, yeah.

We went in to get her vitals taken and she flipped out.

She didn't want the monitor thing on her finger (to take her pulse, etc.) and sure didn't want them to take her temperature.

Not to mention, she wasn't about to get on the scale.  

She let me put her down long enough for them to weigh me.  I then held her on the scale and they subtracted the weights to get her weight.

Oh, and did I mention that she was full of unnecessary bandaids?

I think everyone asked me what happened to her!  Thankfully, most of them were moms (or experienced with kids) who understood that bandaids mostly fix emotions :)  

Anyway, we went into our exam room and hardly had to wait at all before a nurse came in.  She took a peek at Gracie's owie and said she couldn't tell if Gracie would need stitches or not.

The doctor came in (she was great...totally reminded me of our friend, Tina) and took a look in Gracie's ear.

Gracie wasn't having it.

Then, the doctor tried to look in her mouth.  

Gracie pursed her lips together as hard as she could.  I think she was afraid they were going to cut something out of her mouth, seeing as that's what happened the last time she was at the hospital.

The doctor said that Gracie needed surgical glue on her cut.  I was so relieved that they didn't give her stitches!

I sat on a chair and held Gracie on my lap, making sure that I was holding her hands while the nurse held her head still, and the doctor put the glue on her cut.

Gracie was screaming and screaming and screaming.

It's hard to even think when your child is so stressed and unhappy.  I head wasn't really even clear enough to articulate much of a prayer.

I just prayed peace in the name of Jesus over her again and again and again.

Gracie stopped crying immediately.

She closed her eyes and just rested in my arms.

Between applications of surgical glue, the nurse said, "I don't even need to hold her head still."

Jesus made His presence known in the Emergency Room.

We finished our time in the ER drenched in peace.

We happily made our way back to the minivan less than 40 minutes after we entered the hospital.

Next stop:  McDonalds, for the promised Happy Meal!

Gracie was back to her fun, busy self after her nap!

I'm thankful that Jesus hears when I don't have the words.  He hears and He comforts and He heals.

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us...
Romans 8:26

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