Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Little Actress

Leah had a little play for school last week!  It was really more of a readers theater and SO fun.

To say she was excited is a gross understatement.  She had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night before her play and told me, "I'm so excited for my play I can hardly stand it!"

We got there and the kids were lined up and ready to go.

Leah wore her sequined Christmas dress, because Readers Theater calls for your fanciest clothes :)

Gracie was so excited to be at school and to sit at the big kids' table.

I did blur out the other kids' faces because not every parent wants their kid to be on my blog, I'm sure.

I taped Leah's performance, but I feel like I shouldn't post it for the same reason.  I'm sure she'd love to show it to you, though, if you ask her in person!

Leah's performance was called Elephants in the Wild.  She was Joyce Poole, elephant expert.

She mentions, as a part of her lines, that she knows all about elephants because she lived in Africa when her dad was in the peace corps.

One of her classmates was sitting next me during Leah's performance.  She leaned over to me and whispered, "It's pretty cool that Leah's dad used to live in Africa."  I started to tell her that he didn't, but just let it go.

First graders crack me up!

Her whole class did a performance to The Little Pigs Blues.  All of the first graders were wearing sunglasses to capture the bluesy feel.

There's not much in life that is cuter than kids wearing sunglasses...especially a whole roomful! 

Here's Leah with some of her groupies!

Our little friend, also named Gracie, was with us for the day.  Doesn't she just fit right in with our girls?

We got flowers for Leah, because one of the best parts of being in a play is getting flowers after your performance.

Maybe that's just me.

She noticed the flowers shortly after she got inside, said they were beautiful, and asked to whom they belonged.

I told them they were for her and she said, "They're purple!  My favorite color!"

And that's why we got her purple <3

Now, here's what Aaron and I are trying to figure out.  Right after I told her the flowers were for her and she was very excited, she said, "My eyes are watering a little.  That sometimes happens when I come in from outside."

I like to think she was so happy that she was moved to tears and didn't understand the idea of happy tears.

Aaron said that she's young enough to not think she should cover up happy tears and would say if they were happy tears.

I like to think she was moved to happy tears :)

Regardless of what the tears were about it, Leah does love her flowers!  She brings them around the house with her so that every room can have "the beautiful flower smell."

So, what's your vote...happy tears or coming-in-from-the-outside eyes?

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