Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Laugh First

Do you ever find yourself getting so caught up with the little, more mundane things in life that you become an irritable, brow furrowing sigh-er?

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes between the whining, spilling, bickering, losing things, repeated questions, and messes I can get a tiny bit on the irritable side.

While reading 1st Corinthians 13 (the love chapter) in the ESV, verse 5 says that love is not "irritable" instead of "easily angered" like it says in the NIV.

This is not me complaining about translations AT ALL!

This is me realizing that saying I'm feeling irritable doesn't sound as bad as saying I'm easily angered.

The reality is that it's sin regardless of what I call it.

For some reason irritable sounds less sinful than easily angered.

Just like being concerned sounds less sinful than worrying.

So what I'm I working on right now?

Because, those little things that pile up and make me irritable are mostly quite silly when taken by themselves.  

Every morning I've been praying that God would give me joy in Him.  I like that 1 Thessalonians 5 doesn't just tell us to be joyful, but to also pray continually.  

We can't be joyful on our own...we need Jesus for that, too.

When Maggie poured her own fruity cheerios the other day and dumped them all over,

by Jesus in me, I was able to laugh first...without gritted teeth, too.

And you know what makes it easier?  See that tennis shoe on the right side of the picture?  I was going to crop it out, but then I realized what was going on.  

That's Aaron, waiting until I'm done taking a picture of spilled cheerios so he can help Maggie clean up the mess.  

I'm blessed by God every day to have a husband who helps me without judgement and who graciously reminds me to laugh first.  

And the good thing about laughing first is that it keeps me from crying over silly things like spilled milk...or spilled cheerios.

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