Friday, April 26, 2013

En Gedi Update

You may remember last week when I showed you pictures of our messy bedroom and promised you an update.

You may come off of the edge of your seat now because here is your update!!!

Well, looky here!  It's a bed that's made and has sheets that aren't flannel!


Let us not kid ourselves, though, I started you off with the good news!  There has definitely been some improvement, but there is still a ways to go.

Take my dresser, for example:

The stack in the middle of the dresser has been taken care of, BUT has been replaced by a different stack.  

Apparently it's the stack zone.

You'll also notice a pink fan.  It will eventually be in the big girls' room.

And, let us not kid ourselves, the Lonely Sock Bag isn't going anywhere, but that stack NEEDS to be taken care of and NOT replaced!

I read somewhere that fresh cotton/linen scent is very nice for bedrooms, because it is fresh and clean smelling.  I got them for a dollar a piece at Walmart...not bad!

About the green laundry basket... has been replaced by the white laundry basket!  I took care of everything that was in the green laundry basket and the white one is full of things that need to go downstairs. 

This is progress even though it doesn't look like it!  

"But, what about the Abyss?" you ask.

I feel like it's better than before...I mean the laundry basket isn't there any more :)

Granted, I now have a Dora chair (I think that came to our room because the girls were fighting over it) and a pile of clothes.  But, I really am wearing the purple hoodie, so it's a good thing I had it so easily accessible ;)

The least dramatic thing is Aaron's dresser.

I think I moved a frame so that I could get to the postage stamps.

Even though it doesn't look like I did much, I did accomplish some things!

  • All of the girls' toys that were in our room have been put away.
  • All of the things in the green laundry basket have been put away.
  • The things that were in the white basket (some left over from February Christmas) have been put away...there's new stuff in there, though!
  • I actually cleaned out some of the closet shelves, hence the large amount of new stuff in the laundry basket.

I really have gotten some stuff done but there is obviously much room for improvement!

I feel optimistic that I'll finish this off next week, but we'll see!  I might be feeling optimistic because I ate some cheesecake not too long ago, and cheesecake makes a girl feel optimistic.

I'll keep on keeping you posted.

Have a happy weekend...whether your room is En Gedi or not!

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