Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Maggie and Me

Do you ever have the feeling that one of your kids is being lost in the shuffle?  

I've felt that way about Maggie lately.

It's nothing that I can put my finger on necessarily.  We're always very conscientious (whoa, spelled that right the first time...high five!) about Maggie being the middle child and wanting to make sure she never feels like the middle child.

I guess I'm extra sensitive to making sure that doesn't happen.  

Aaron takes the girls on dates individually a lot, but I don't very often, so I decided it was time for a Maggie and Mommy date!

Maggie had her eyes rechecked after she failed the vision test at Pre-K screening.  She looked into this thing that measured something, and it said she passed.

I realize that was the most technological description ever.  Clearly I don't understand what happened, and I think I'll call the eye doctor just to play it safe.

Anyway, Maggie and I had our date right after her school appointment. 

I tried to talk her in to getting lunch at Culver's because I had enough Team Scoopie slips for a free kids meal.

But, I couldn't talk her out of Jimmy John's...a girl after my own heart :)

I feel like the sub is probably bigger than her arm.

Maggie always eats her sub from the middle, which I think is hilarious!

Sometimes she says it looks like a boat when she does that.  I think it looks like a smile.

Maggie thought this sign was HILARIOUS!

She made a really funny face when she saw it, so I asked her to make a funny face again while I took her picture.

I suppose that she is making a funny face at it, and although it wasn't quite what I meant, I still wanted to capture her being so darn cute!

Mags did want to go to Culver's for a treat.  Who am I to say no to that?

I especially love the first picture of her in this little set of 3.

I love the squinty eyes and the 2 front teeth!

We talked about lots of her favorite things.  

The biggest surprise?  Her favorite show on PBS is Dinosaur Train.  I had no clue, considering she only watches like 1 minute of it every other week.

Is it bad that I internally refer to Dr. Scott the paleontologist as an evolution pusher?

I thought so.

Anyway, I like learning something new everyday, especially if it's about my girl <3

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