Friday, April 12, 2013

The Menards Game

When things get slow around our house, going to Menards is a sure fire hit!

I'm sure this wouldn't be the case if we were building a house and had to go like 3 times a week, but it is quite a novelty.

I decided to mix things up a bit, though, and made a little game of it!

I made a list of colors and gave it to Maggie.

Then, I wrote the colors with a space next to it for the price in a notebook for Leah.  

The general idea is that Maggie finds something at Menards that matches the color and Leah records the price.  When we got home, she could add up the prices and do some rounding and see how close it was.

They were SO pumped!

As you look at this next picture, I'm guessing you might be as surprised as I am that Menards sells some of this stuff.

I mean, I can obviously see Menards selling tile, men's work socks and even the LED key chain flashlight.

But, the ladies aqua rain books, pink terry cloth pants, and the purple puppy nap pillow/blanket combo thing?

So, yeah.

Anyway, Maggie found an item for each color very quickly.  She really enjoyed crossing the color off her list.  Leah recorded prices like a champ.

And, Gracie clearly excelled at carrying her red purse.

Once the game was done, they were up to their favorite Menards activities.  

Gracie is never allowed this close to an oven...

...except when she's at Menards.

It's kind of like the promised land.

Leah examines fancy cupboards,

while Maggie is the waitress by the patio furniture.

Leah had a little down time while she drew in her notebook,

as Maggie perused the patio furniture literature.

Gracie and Aaron reclined and chillaxed.

When we got home, Leah munched on carrots while we talked about rounding.

I wasn't really able to convince her why rounding is important and helpful, but she did a great job figuring it out!

Every now and then I like to fake that I am a teacher :)

There's nothing like some free fun!

Enjoy your weekend...even if you don't go to Menards.

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