Monday, May 27, 2013

Get Yo' Frizz On (aka Date Night Recap: Frisbee Golf)

I just reread the title to this and I hope that "get yo' frizz on" isn't slang for getting drunk or something else bad.

It's a play on words, because the girls use "frizz" as a verb for throwing the frisbee.  They say, "Let's frizz the frisbee!" which I think is hilarious and adorable.

Aaaanyway, we went out to eat at the classiest place in town.

Quiznos!  Always delicious, always slower than dirt.  Once again, they didn't disappoint on either front.  

After that it was time to get our frizz on.

Frisbee golf was really, really fun!  It's a great way to be outside and enjoy the evening.

Now, here's the thing, as I've mentioned before, Aaron is sporty.  Frisbee is no exception.  Frisbee is also not the exception to the rule of my non-sportiness.

So, I decided to go ahead and make my own par.

Becky Par, if you will.

I decided that even though the par was 3 on 8 of the holes and 4 on 1 of them, my personal Becky par would be 6 for each.

You know, the lower you set the bar, the easier it is to meet your goal :)

Aaron once again humored me and posed for a walking-on-the-frisbee-golf-field picture.

Is it a field?  A court?  A course?  A rink?  I'm going with field.

It was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

The company was even better!

You'll be glad to know that I came in under par...

...and Aaron did typically awesome for his first time out.

This week, date night will be spent at Leah's 1st grade concert!  My parents and Aaron's parents are coming into town for it, so it's date night:  family edition.

Or, we'll just skip date night.  

Either way, it'll be great!

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