Friday, May 31, 2013

June Menu

Remember those chicken marinades I told you about?  

Yep!  They're here...on your friendly, local monthly menu!

Saturday, June 1  Egg McMuffins  Chicken Fingers (didn't make it last month)
Sunday, June 2  Sandwiches  SCS

Monday, June 3  Pulled Pork (from freezer)
Tuesday, June 4  Lasagna Rolls
Wednesday, June 5  Hot Dogs
Thursday, June 6  Pizza Bites
Friday, June 7  Rehearsal Dinner
Saturday, June 8  The Sandwich  Reception
Sunday, June 9  Maple Sweet Potato Hash for church  Sandwiches  SCS

Monday, June 10  Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs
Tuesday, June 11  Date Night
Wednesday, June 12  Portillo's Chopped Salad
Thursday, June 13  Hamburgers
Friday, June 14  Pizza
Saturday, June 15  Breakfast Bowls  Barbecued Chicken
Sunday, June 16  Sandwiches  SCS

Monday, June 17  Asian Honey Sesame Chicken
Tuesday, June 18  Date Night
Wednesday, June 19  Italian Chopped Salad
Thursday, June 20Easiest Fish Tacos
Friday, June 21  Pizza
Saturday, June 22  Baked Oatmeal  Rice and Beef Casserole
Sunday, June 23  Sandwiches  SCS

Monday, June 24  Lemon Garlic Chicken Kabobs
Tuesday, June 25  Hamburgers
Wednesday, June 26  Garlic Alfredo Sauce
Thursday, June 27  Spaghetti Pie
Friday, June 28  Pizza (Becky gone for supper)
Saturday, June 29  Pancakes  Mediterranean Chicken
Sunday, June 30  Out of Town

I hope you find something to try out!

Have a happy weekend!

I'm linking up at 5 Days 5 Ways!

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